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We are gearing up to launch an Android app version of Whittle on Google Play Store. As part of the process we need to have the app tested by at least 20 people, so we're looking for volunteers!
To take part you need to have a phone or tablet running Android, and you also need to have a Google account (e.g. a gmail address). When the test starts you will be sent a link by email that will allow you to install the test version of the app from Google Play Store. The minimum requirement for testing is that you install the app on your phone/tablet and keep it installed for at least 14 days continuously. You'll be given an email address to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions about using the app.

If you are interested in getting first access to the app in this way and in helping us launch the app, please drop us a line at . Thank you!

Whittle is an easy-to-use tool for playing the popular word game Wordle. Tell Whittle where you have currently got to in your Wordle game and it will let you know how many possible solution words there are. If you require more help it will show you what those words are.

It is currently available as an online web app, and is soon to be released as an Android app.

Play online

Whittle is made by Tim at Enchanted Bit and is not connected in any way to the official Wordle game or to the New York Times.

If you enjoy using Whittle, please consider making a small donation to Tim via the Support me button at the bottom of the screen (or on our Ko-fi page). Donations will help keep Whittle free-to-use and ad-free. Thank you!

How to use Whittle

Use Whittle to provide help while you are playing Wordle. Each time you enter a new line in your Wordle game and see the colours for that word, enter the same word and colours in Whittle as follows.

Word entry

Entering a word in Whittle is a 2 step process.

  • Step 1: First enter the 5 letters of the word and press the Enter key when you are done. You will see a tick in the upper checkbox at the end of the line after you press Enter (see image below). This indicates that Step 1 is complete.
    Image of completion of step 1 of word entry
  • Step 2: Next, enter the colours that Wordle reports for this row. To change the colour of a letter, tap (or click) on it to cycle through the colours grey, yellow and green. When every letter is showing the correct colour, press the Enter key again to complete Step 2. You will then see a tick in the lower checkbox at the end of the line to indicate that Step 2 is complete.
    Image of completion of step 2 of word entry

Note, if the row shakes when you press Enter at Step 2, this indicates that the colours you have entered are in some way inconsistent with the colours of previous rows. Carefully check that your letters and colours match what is shown in Wordle! You can always use the Delete (⌫) key to revert to previous steps and make corrections.

List of possible words

After you enter each row, the number of possible solution words is shown on screen.

Example of number of possible words with green button

If there are fewer than 200 possible solutions, the Show button will be green and active. Press the button to see a list of the possible solutions.

Some further details

Whittle has a dictionary of all possible 5-letter words, and a shorter list of possible solution words which excludes infrequent and obscure words. From time to time the Wordle developers adjust the list of possible words, so it is possible (but unlikely) that the solution for today's Wordle game is not in Whittle's list of possible solutions. If you get to a stage where there are no possible solutions from Whittle's list, the Show button will change colour from green to amber.

Example of number of possible words with amber button

This indicates that the displayed word count and word list is now being taken from the full dictionary of all possible 5-letter words rather than from Whittle's list of the most likely solutions.

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